LONG FUN CUP Mobile App Test Coverage

LONG FUN CUP Mobile App Test Coverage

Smart phones changed the way we interact with software. Once mobile apps were used to kill time but now there are apps those could save lives. They are changing the way live, thus we need to change the way we test. Smartphone applications are developed with immense creativity and effort. Mobile users demand a sleeker experience with applications compared to desktop users. The mind set of mobile users is very different from web or desktop users. Smartphone apps are used on the move (e.g.: while walking or using a toilet), and mobile devices have a lot to offer through hardware location tracking, gyroscopes and other integrated features. LONG FUN CUP model helps to achieve coverage at UI level. This is designed factoring in the new touch generation mobile devices hardware, software and users mindset. Read more about what Dhanasekar has to say about this mind-map at his blog http://testingideas.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/mobile-app-test-coverage-model-long-fun-cup/
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