Mobile Testing In a Nutshell

Mobile Testing In a Nutshell

Mobile App Testing is not just about taps and saying this workd and this doesn't work! It is beyond that. It includes how your app performs when your battery is low, how usable is your app, what kind of UI your app has? What kind of user experience your mobile users are having? Like an ocean, mobile app testing is vast. Have a sneak peek into mobile testing mindmap in a nutshell.
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Jyothi Rangaiah

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Comments ( 8 )

  1. yagsyjah    7 years ago

    I like this mindmap as a start. But there is still missing tests and types of tests. That's the problem with mobile testing, it's extraordinarily complex. I've yet to find a mindmap on mobile testing which could even fit into one map. You really do need it broken down into categories. But this mindmap is another great start. My suggestion is to break down the testing into software project types: hybrid, mobile web app, native app, mobile website and highlighting the types of tests unique to each project type. Ex: You wouldn't care to test performance load on a native app but you do on a mobile web app. Or at least not the same criteria would be used. Native apps do need CPU load testing.

  2. SanthoshTuppad    7 years ago

    yagsyjah, Thanks for your comment! No mind-maps are complete or no knowledge is complete because every subject is so vast and depends on how one sees it. Its brainstorming activity and if we are saying, these tests are complete for anything; then it would like fooling ourselves and that is why we say, there is no bug-free software concept. Thanks for your suggestion and it depends on the contributor to decide whether to do it this way or that way or not do it at all. That is why this is OPEN SOURCE and anyone can contribute! If someone reads your comment and like to do it that way based on their feeling, then you can get ideas from them. Also, we encourage you to work on the same and serve the community! Last, but not least; please share this news about mindmaps repository with your test teams or anyone you know and can help them. Thanks again :-) Take care.

  3. SanthoshTuppad    7 years ago

    And one more thing, you can't add everything in one mind-map. There is way how we need to use the mind-map and if you are looking for everything in one mind-map, then it depends on how you are seeing mobile testing (Your perspective) and I personally see the learning endless in any domain or subject or profession :) I would personally not create such mind-maps as it would end up in mess! Again mind-maps design or what needs to be there and what need not be there varies individual to individual (And that's what mind-map speaks about). Different people can see it in different ways and sometimes only the creator or some of the people can relate to mindmap nodes or content and not everyone. Its just my philosophy! It may vary again! Its all context based on this planet! There will be no suggestions taken because this is OPEN SOURCE project and people can add it and just share it by themselves, but you can speak about ideas like how you mentioned and just leave it there! (If someone is interested to pick, they can; it is completely interest driven. And the way you suggested looks like, it is project driven and which can help to create things for specific project, we don't do that! This is learning based and not Project based! That's the way we want it to be!). Let the contributors do it their way and be happy :-) [However, there is moderation process at Test Insane and their decision is final]. Get Involved: If anyone is interested to contribute, they can write to Thanks!

  4. yotam    7 years ago

    Great mindmap for mobile test cases! Well done Jyothi! I'd like to recommend adding some important tests to the "Network" topic. For example, examine functionality under various mobile network technologies and network moves between 3G to 4G to other types. And also, cases that test latest enhancements to the Mobile IP technique, such as Mobile IPv6 and Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) that improve mobile communications and security. This latter is a major issue for many mobile apps. Also, i know that screen rotations are a big thing for many mobile/tablet apps that can't handle screen presentation mode changes very well. This issue can fit nicely under the "SW Tests" topic.

  5. SanthoshTuppad    7 years ago

    Thanks @yotam for your kind words and also adding more test ideas to the existing mind-map. Lovely!

  6. SreekaramSreekar    7 years ago

    Wondering how you guys have segregated different categories in mobile app testing. Really should appreciate the hard work behind this to come up. Keep rocking..!

  7. Jyothi    7 years ago

    Thank you viewers for your comments. Hope to better it with the next release - version 2 perhaps ;)

  8. harishbesant    6 years ago

    Everything is fine, am happy about your blog. Thanks admin for sharing the unique content, you have done a great job I appreciate your effort.

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