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I am a Software Tester, Accessibility Practitioner & Enthusiast, Blogger, Reader, Movie Buff, Cook and Story Writer. While I want to live like a tester, being recognized as a good tester; I would like to retire as a story teller.

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  1. UmangaBuddhini    7 years ago

    Hi Mohit, Excellent work, well done and very good effort!. Keep it up!. We look forward to see many more MindMaps. Thanks. Best Regards, Buddhini.

  2. UmangaBuddhini    7 years ago

    How about adding these criteria also -->> Accuracy: Correctness is very important in all outputs and consistency should be maintained throughout the product. Concurrency: The software must handle a number of concurrent users on the basis of business requirements. Concomitant use of shared resources can be a source of indeterminacy leading to issues such as deadlock and starvation. This can be overcome through the implementation of the correct methodology for example, locking / unlocking, etc. Resilient: The system should be resilient to high volume, difficult and complex business scenarios and must have the ability to restore the original position, for example, make sure that the transaction log and important operations audit log and roll back mechanism is implemented. Data integrity must be maintained at all times.

  3. UmangaBuddhini    7 years ago

    Three criteria : *Accuracy, *Concurrency and *Resilient.

  4. kinofrost    7 years ago

    There's more detail for the source of this information in the Rapid Software Testing course material from James Bach's site and blog:

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