Smart Mission Focussed Web Testing With Addons & Tools

Smart Mission Focussed Web Testing With Addons & Tools

Web browser add-on(s) have existed for long time now, and if we do not utilize the power of them; then bugs would laugh at us. So, how about utilizing these addons which acts like our weapons while our brain gets the ideas and builds the test strategy to attack the bugs. WAR with Bugs with addons!
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Santhosh Tuppad

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Santhosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester. He is a bastard in following his heart. Happiness takes the priority for him. He also conducts public workshops on security testing and speaks at software testing conferences!

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. satyamashu    6 years ago

    screenshot capture: Awesome screen shot, nimbus screenshot and skitch Color picker: rainbow(firefox) for the test cases and plan: and MyBugdigger For the measurement: MeasureIT FireBug

  2. SanthoshTuppad    6 years ago

    Thanks Satyamashu :-) This helps man. You rock!

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