36 Days of Web Testing by Rob Lambert (The Social Tester)

Cross Browser

 Spread the risk

 Online tools

 Check against standards


 Layout bugs

 Test Manually



 Outsource Selenium

Web Accessibility

 Browser extensions

 W3 standards

Valid HTML

 W3C Markup Validation Service

 FireWeasel Addon

Dead Links

 Xenu Link Checker

 W3C Checker

 Broken Link Checker

One, Two, Many

 Load Testing


Multiple tabs & windows

 Session Hijacking

 Cookies and Sessions

 Burpsuite & Firecookie

Http & Https

 Security for web checklist

 Web proxy

Client & server watching

 Web Proxies

 Fiddler, Firebug, Firecookie


 Burpsuite, Web Scarab

 OWASP Top Ten

 Firefox addons

 Web Hackers handbook

Browser extensions

 Selenium IDE

 IE Tab




 Clear cache

 Copy plain text

 Fiddler hook

 Download status


 W3C Page Validator


 SQL Injection

 many more

Back button

Change the URL

 Bypass authentication

Automate the tedious



Tab order

 Tabbing in HTML guidelines

SOAP testing


See the source

 Firefox extension

 View Source

Explore the competition


Compliance and Claims

 Blogposts by Parimala and Darren


 UX on Wikipedia

 UX Booth

 UX Mag

Change the locale


 Changing OS Language

Resize the windows and resolution



Block popups

 Chrome pop-up blocker

 Ad Block blocker

Disable CSS

 W3C standard and advice for CSS

 Firebug Firefox extension

 Web Developer Addon

Text only

 Developer toolbar extension

Disable javascript


Flash Free

 Flash Block

 Flash 99% Bad

User Acceptance testing

Mobile friendly


Race Conditions with Selenium

Blink Testing

 Screen recorders

 Articles on Blink testing

Test in situ

Print it out

Too many extensions

 Sync addons across computers

Refresh during page loads

 Shortcut keys

Check for SEO

Five second test

 24 usability tools

Throttle It

 Charles Proxy

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