Android App versions

Level 1

 Android 1.0

  Apple Pie


Level 2

 Android 1.1

  Banana Bread


Level 3

 Android 1.5



Level 4

 Android 1.6



Level 5

 Android 2.0



Level 6

 Android 2.0.1


Level 7

 Android 2.1


Level 8

 Android 2.2



Level 9

 Ginger Bread

  Android 2.3

   NFC communication was added

   Strict Mode Debugging

   Video Call Support


Level 10

 Ginger Bread

  Android 2.3.3

  Android 2.3.4

  Android 2.3.5

  Android 2.3.6.

  Android 2.3.7

Level 11

 Android 3.0



   Multi core support

   Contextual Action Bar Support

   RTP Streming API

   System-Wide Clipboard

   Media/picture transport protocol

Level 12

 Android 3.1


   MTP Notifications

Level 13


  Android 3.2

  Android 3.2.1

  Android 3.2.2

  Android 3.2.4

  Android 3.2.6

Level 14

 Ice Cream Sandwich

  Android 4.0

   Stable version to support all Tablets

   Gride Layout

   VPN client API

  Android 4.0.1

   Android Beam APP for NFC

   Facial Recognition

  Android 4.0.2


Level 15

 Ice Cream Sandwich

  Android 4.0.3

  Android 4.0.4

Level 16

 Jelly Bean

  Android 4.1

   Google Now

   Voice Search

   WIFI direct

   VSYNC for apps

   Designed to work with systrack tool

  Andorid 4.1.1

   Screen orientation bugs was fixes

  Android 4.1.2

   Enable Home screen rotation


Level 17

 Jelly Bean

  Android 4.2

   Gesture or sliding fingers Typing to improve speed

   Wireless display using MIRCAST

   Multi User Support for Tablet

   Take bug report

  Android 4.2.1

   Support for "Blutetooth gamepad" and "Joystick HID" Devices

  Android 4.2.2

   Shows percentage of estimated time remaining in active downloads notification

   Secure USB Debugging

Level 18

 Android 4.3

  Jelly Bean

   WIFI Scanning API

   OpenGL for graphics support

   Hebrew and Arabic right-left support

   vp8 Encoding format

   Bluetooth Smart Ready

   Restricted profile for multiuser

   On Screen GPU Profiling

   StrictMode warning for file URI

   UI Automation Framework Support

   Support for Restricted Profile in tablet

   Provides ability to lock the screen

Level 19

 Kit Kat

  Android 4.4

   Chromium webview

   Hardware sensor Batching

   Security Enchancements

   IR Blaster API

   Screen Recording

   Full Screen Immersive Mode

   Storage Access Framework

   Ability to move app to memory card

   Tools for analyzing memory usage


      adb shell dumpsys procstats

    on-device memory status


   NFC capability through Host Card Emulation

   Cloud Printing


   HTTP Live Streaming

    Wi-Fi Tunneled Direct Link Setup (TDLS)

   Select Runtime option to improve performance

  Android 4.4.1

  Android 4.4.2

  Android 4.4.3

  Android 4.4.4

   Heartbleed / OpenSSL vulnerability fixed


Level 20

 Android 4.4W

  KitKat for Wearables only

Level 21


  Android 5.0

   New Design

   Tracking Battery Consumption App

   Khronos OpenGL ES 3.1

   dumpsys batterystats

  Android 5.0.1

  Android 5.0.2


Level 22


  Android 5.1

   High Defination Voice Call

   Lock protection if lost or stolen

   AndroidHttpClient class has been Deprecated

   Carrier services

  Android 5.1.1

Android 6

 Android Muffin

  USB Type C connector

  Finger print Authentication support

  App permission Managment Update