Are your programmers helping you?


 Very few bugs in the product

 Fixes the root cause & not just the symptom

 Loves feedback (bugs) from everyone

 Does not alter severity unless necessary

 Minimal side effects when fixing a bug


 Has good knowledge about the domain

 Interested to know entire product & the interactions

 Learns about coding practices & standards

 Explores latest technologies


 Good communication skills

 Answers questions by testers

 Gets to the point straight away

 Doesn't waste anyone's time

Attitude towards testers

 Sees them as an important part of the entire product cycle

 Respects the testers' skills & expertise

 Eager to work with them & produce great quality work

Bug Reports

 Prefers individual bug reports than merging related bugs

 Doesn't pass bug reports around for simple reasons

 Saves a lot of time by mentioning beforehand on kind of bug reports needed

 Mentions root cause of the bug in comments

 Mentions probable test ideas to test while verifying bugs


 Provides feedback to testers

 Owns their share of quality

 Finds bugs too

 Highlights stakeholders with important information