Backup is only the beginning!

Backup on External devices

 Backup on internal and external storage devices

 Backup on online and offline storage devices

 Backup installable required to run the app


 Hard disk drive

 Pen drive / USB

 Save on another device

 Save on secure cloud storage


 Have a lock for the storage devices

 Secure the devices

 Scan for virus

 Save on multiple devices

 Save in different server location > for multiple backups

 Authorize users to read/write/execute files in storage

Anti Virus



 Scan the devices before use

 Scan the device regularly and for every access

Update the storage

 Regular updates

  Capture and update recent changes and new releases

 Check for software and firmware updates >Update


 Use the storage devices

 Know what requires update

  Software application



  Antivirus update

  To remember/recollect the password

  Save password (as the storage may/may not be accessed regularly)

Backup V/s Disaster Recovery

Test backups

 Test the saved documents

 Index the backup files

 Check if the backed up files are available in the storage

 Trace back the storage path

 Test for vulnerabilities


 Device/files lost

 Not updated with recent updates

 Software required to run the files are corrupted

 Password is lost

 Storage device is corrupted

 Storage device is exposed to vulnerability

 Corrupted files – data, images and software downloaded


 Store/Save passwords

 Install antivirus on the storage devices

 Pre-scan the device for any vulnerability

 Have a back up of the software required to run the app

 Regularly update the storage with recent updates

 Access stored files on different and multiple devices

 Test for known vulnerabilities on different devices


 Do not rely on single backup > Have multiple backups

 Test the backup

 Have an alternate backup plan

 Saved? – Test it. Open, access and check the files

 Capture the changes and backup when required

 Systems and software support can be withdrawn > Update and backup

 Helps to have a team dedicated for the same

 Read the storage policy

 Record and note the date and time of the files accessed on storage devices

 Backup the logs

 Have power backup when backup is in progress

 Check destination folder size before backing up files