Battery (Phone)

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Plugged in, not charging Plugged in, charging Battery Saver mode - icons Battery information

Battery consumption

Talk time Video Audio Recordings Standby Internet usage over GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-fi - Download and upload speeds

Battery Issues

Read about the Known issues in previous versions Record issues with current version Check with the internet service provider

Battery fixes

Test: By resetting network settings By restarting the phone By restoring to factory default Learn about the battery consumption of apps / games Record and shutdown power wasters


Test First on behalf of your users: Software application and firmware updates - download and install. Check if applications are synched to receive updates.

Perform tests at low battery power

Claims Testing

Types of Chargers - Solar powered - Power supply - Battery powered - A combination of Capacitors / Resistors / Gear motor - Kinetic energy

Charging Speed

 With different modes of charging



Performace Tests

On the move At low signal At high signal Close to a network provider's tower Farer from a network provider's tower

User guide

Share the results of: Performance tests Synchronization tests as a User guide (which forms the do's and dont's)