Boundary Value Analysis Testing

"Perlclip" for generating test data

Inspecting the code

 Use FireBug

 Do static code analysis

 Ask the developer

Data type used?




 ... And so on

Stress Testing

 Fuzzing with various characters

 Long text / characters

Possible crash tests?

 What test data can possibly crash the app?

Refer "Heuristics" cheatsheet by testobsessed

Myth: Its about



Story behind that boundary value?

 Is it a standard?

 Past experience of using same values?

 Google does it, that's why we do it! Remember, Google is not a standard!

 User survey?

 Analysis of analytics data?

 Just like that?

Boundary Types?







 What if dev has programmed the app to crash exactly for 3336 characters as input? How will I find it?

 If I quickly learn some basic things about programming, can I test better?

Good practices

 Have no assumptions

 Try heuristics cheatsheet by Elizabeth Hendrikson

 Get access to the source code

 Seek developer's help

 Run automation to make the checks faster & track result

 Dex to JAR APK disassembly for Android

 Analyse the culture of development team