Data Warehouse Testing ~Yagnesh Shah

.config based tests while performing "Data migration"

 server domain flexibility to select input/output DB's



  Production data

 1st time for bulk data import

 fixed period import

 daily import

 update old data & import

Rules could vary depending on bussiness requirement

  a. dimentional data: old data will be stored & new one will have a new record.

  b. factual transactional data: new data should be overwritten within same record

 duplicate data import

 Cron jobs for sending Automated Email Reports

 Also, observe the time taken for actual Production a. data migration or b. report generation time from DataWarehouse

(1st time for bulk data import, fixed period import, daily import)

Data Accuracy

Original DB(Source) vs. Data Warehouse DB(Target)

 Comparing data for each DataWarehouse DB table with respective Source DB tables

 Query complexity

  Use simple query targeting 1-2 tables

   gets baic total count of records to be migrated

   Instead of comparing large voulme of columns in DataWarehouse table, compare few columns which are Primary keys & unique in source table

  Complex collection of Join Queries

Data Accuracy

DataWarehouse DB(Source) vs. JasperReports(Target)

 Automated Reporting Tool :: JasperReport Server

 Compare Jasper GUI generated report with that of respective DataWarehouse DB tables

 Compare Automated Email attachments (i.e, xlsx) sent via Jasper with that of respective DataWarehouse DB tables

 Check supported report formats & content



  xls / xlsx


  docx / rtf

 Performance & scalability for Report generation

  Observe time taken for generating reports for actual production data

Data Comparision Tool :: Beyond Compare

Used to compare millions of records being migrated to DataWarehouse DB from Source DB

 Verify data for each cloumns, records of table

Columns to be compared can be controlled via 'Rules' feature witin Tool

 Verify records for missing, duplicate data in target tables

 Verify for Data Correctness

  Total records count/data in source & target tables

  Numeric, Char, date & time, etc

  Data types & formats

 Verify that no data truncation occurred

Test Strategy :: Data Warehouse Testing