Design gone wrong?

Self reflective ideas by developer instead of users ideas

Hurry up without effective thought process

Wasn't tested well!

 Lack of skills?



Myth: User always thinks linearly!

 You are dealing with unique brains! Remember.

Designer Ego

 I am smart, I don't need to talk to users.

 Its design, not an art! There is a difference.

Design for your users, not to prove that you are smart

Various contexts are not considered

 Its not about 1 user

 Do a mapping of various contexts

Web browser bias

 Its not only about Google Chrome

 Consider major web browsers used

 Wen analytics for browser coverage

Stone-Age Traditional Ways

 Traditional stuff doesn't fit in THE NOW!

 Use latest trends

 Keep an eye on design failure experiences

Cool features, but performance design BOOM!!!

 Performance sucks?

 Code performance?

 Server performance?

 Database performance?

Not so user friendly approach

 Learn-ability hard?

 Users frustrated?

 Users irritated?

 Users confused?

 Not pleasing?

Ignoring social media integration?

 Sharing gets more traffic

 People love social media

 Social Media is the trend!

Not considering mobile users?