Found a bug? Common mistakes to avoid


 The bug

  And continue testing

 Unaware that it is a bug

 Not take any proof of the bug

  Screenshot / Video


  Test Data

 Time as an factor

  Every second you spend not acting on the bug might actually be giving the system to recover to base state


 State of the system (software/hardware)

 Clean states of similar systems/instances


 Tests on the buggy states

 Pile more on an invalid system state

Investigation Time

 Spend more time than necessary

 Spend very little time


 Bug is a known issue

 Bug is already filed

 Bug is an expected behavior

Tester Mistake

 Get excited and lose track of mission

 Unaware of pre-requisites or system behavior

 Lack of feature understanding

Miss Follow-up Testing

 Not find the most severe symptom

 Not know how to do follow-up testing

 Give the state as it is to Dev team (with no known mechanism to recreate the system state)


 The bug in the bug report

 The bug in the status reports

 Blame the developer in the bug report