Good Tester?


 Focuses on important bugs

 Finds bugs based on different quality criteria

 Tries to find the root cause & not just the symptom

 Does not consider bugs as a measure of quality

 Attacks the issue and not the programmer


 Works on building domain knowledge

 Interested to know entire product & the interactions

 Learns about testing approaches & standards

 Learns about code


 Good communication skills

 Answers questions by different stakeholders

 Doable, Quick, In-Depth Answers

 Doesn't waste anyone's time

Attitude towards programmers

 Understands that coding is difficult

 Respects the programmers' skills & expertise

 Eager to work with them & produce great quality work

Bug Reports

 Good bug advocacy

 Detailed bug reports

 Provides proof and tests conducted

 Mentions tests done while verifying bugs


 Provides feedback to programmers

 Owns their share of quality

 Does not mislead anyone

 Highlights stakeholders with important information