Guidelines for app store submission: iOS


 QA checks

  App should be free of crashes

  App should not exhibit bugs

  Do not download code in any way or form

  Apps larger than 100MB in size should not download over cellular networks - Wifi

  Apps should not install or launch other executable code

  App should display correct diagnostic or device data.

  Do not submit a movie/Song/Book -add them to itunes,iBooks store

   Notify and obtain user consent before using location data

  Do not recommend users to restart their iOS device prior to installation or launch


   Must remain responsive even after long usage

  Push notifications

    Ask user permission for Push notifications.

   Do not send sensitive personal or confidential information using Push Notifications will be rejected

   Dont use Push notification for purpose of phishing or spamming or promotions

   Apps cannot charge users for push notifications

   Privacy- Obtain user's prior permission and provide information about how and where the data will be used

 iPad specific checks

  iPhone apps must also run on iPad without modification

  Dont display more than one popup at a time

  Do not nest popovers


   Your app should work in all four orientations.

   If only portrait or landscape app must support both ways up.

 Dev checks

  NSZombieEnabled is set to NO

  Does not hardcode any price information inside the app

  Does not make use of any private APIs in the SDK

  Do not make use of any private APIs in the SDK

  Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript

  For Push notifications use the Apple Push Notification (APN) API- by getting push Application ID from Apple

  Follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines


  Submit Demo apps through TestFlight only

  App must perform as advertised

  Dont mislead users

  Do not have hidden features

  Do not trick or fake functionality

   Do not duplicate apps already in the App Store

  The app may be rejected if it does not have a long lasting value

  Do not arbitrarily restrict which users may use the App - by location or carrier


 Ensure that you enter all of the details needed to review your app

 No broken links in Metadata -Support URL , Marketing URL and Privacy policy URL

 Assign appropriate ratings

 Select appropriate category and Genre


  Has a limit of 4000 characters

  Your iTunes description does not contain the price

  App names in iTunes Connect and that displayed on device should be similar

  Do not mention the name other mobile platform - Android Playstore

  No place holders in metadata - LOREM IPSUM

  Apps with App icons, screenshots, and previews compliant to 4+ age rating

  Names,descriptions,screenshots should be relevant to the App


  100 keyword limit

  Separate keywords with a comma

  Don’t repeat app name as a keyword

  Use single form keywords to save chars

  Choose keywords for which you can rank high

  Use numbers instead of spelled out words

  Don’t repeat keywords

  Use tools like App Anie,SensorTower to research competitors keywords

 App icon

  Small and large App icons should be similar

  JPG or PNG format

  Minimum resolution of at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color space.

  It must not contain layers or rounded corners.

  Don't use words in icon


  Screenshots must be compliant to app store guidelines

  Don’t include the device status bar in your screenshots.

  The screenshots do not include error states, including iAd errors

 App previews

  Use licensed preview

  Use licensed music

  M4V, MP4, or MOV format

  Size can’t exceed 500 MB.

  Use only video screen captures of the app, voice-overs, and textual and design overlays

  Don't display personal info of a person without permission


  App must match your claimed OS version compatibility

  Your iTunes description must not mention unreleased iOS version numbers

 Submission package

   Bundle ID has to match the one in your app’s Info.plist file.

  The name of your app in the binary package) must match the iTunes name

  Version number (bundle version number) is >= 1.0


   The updates to your app are real and detectable

  Your iTunes "What's New" description accurately matches the changes to your app

   Version number is greater than the previous version number

Legal stuff

 No Racism

 No Porn

 Does not ridicule well-known public figures

 Don't encourage consumption of alcohol or smoke cigarettes or other illegal substances

 No unrestricted web browsing, explicit lyrics, unfiltered collections of books

 Do not attempt to manipulate or cheat the user reviews or chart ranking in the App Store

 Dont encourage violence

  Do not epict violence or abuse of children

  Do not portray realistic images of people or animals being killed

   No games like Russian roulette

  No objectionable content

 Do not encourage criminal or clearly reckless behavior

 More legal stuff


 Double height status bar on call

 Appropriate message must be displayed when no internet connectivity

 App state is saved when stopping the app and restored on next start

 Camera sound should not be disabled

 Test for other general interruptions- charging, massaging, change of network etc

Design checks


  Apps must follow-Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines

  Do not alter the function of standard switches

  The status bar content should not be hidden unless absolutely necessary

  Provide high-resolution (@2x) versions of all image assets. -Else will look blurry on retina display.

  Uses the relevant keyboard per input field (e.g. numbers for a phone number field)

  Ensure that activity spinners do not spin forever

  Buttons trigger on touch-up

  Native button icons should be consistent with their native actions

  No place holders text- LOREM IPSUM


  Users should see primary content without zooming or scrolling horizontally

  Create controls that measure at least 44 points x 44 points so they can be accurately tapped with a finger

  Text should be at least 11 points so it's legible at a typical viewing distance without zooming.

  Don't let text overlap. Improve legibility by increasing line height or letter spacing.

  Display appropriate and understandable error messages

  Always display images at their intended aspect ratio to avoid distortion.

  Create an easy-to-read layout that puts controls close to the content they modify.

  Align text, images, and buttons to show users how information is related.


 Do not mispell apple prodcuts -like IOS for iOS

 Repeated Submission of Similar Apps increases risk of rejection

  Websites served in an iOS app will be rejected

  If your app requires signing in - provide test accounts

 Your app must not prompt to use any unapproved hardware accessories

 All (paid) app upgrades and other transactions must use the App Store

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