Heuristics of Learning a Product



 Tech. Specs?

 E-mail conversations?


 Bug reports?

 Help and Documentation


 Business Analysts




 Product Owner

 Customer Support



 Talk to target audience

 A friend who works on the same platform / domain?

Reading books

 Domain specific books

 Industry specific books

 eBooks on issuu.com

Touring Heuristics

 Feature tour

 Complexity tour

 Claims tour

 Configuration tour

 User tour

 Testability tour

 Scenario tour

 Variability tour

 Interopeability tour

 Data tour

 Structure tour

 By Michael D Kelly

(Feature tour, Complexity tour, Claims tour, Configuration tour, User tour, Testability tour, Scenario tour, Variability tour, Interopeability tour, Data tour, Structure tour)

Past experience?

 Connecting the dots

 Looking into past experience reports

 Subtopic 3

Testing Meet-ups

 Talk to testers from other companies

 Attend specific industry based meet-ups

Learning Types





 Use the software




 Blog Posts



Getting started

 Are you using latest version of software?

 Jump to Help pages if any hiccups

 Explore the menu bar

 Session based learning management ;-)

Time is important! Organize well!

 Start from small

 Its okay to get frustrated, keep going!

 Seek help from people around you

 "One at a time" philosophy

Mindmapping Approach

 Create notes using mindmaps

 Create feature map

 Document questions

 Document confusions


 Type of application?






 Target Audience?

  Age group?





 Make sure you enjoy the learning

 Your learning happiness will add value

 Enjoy Testing :-)