Heuristics of Passionate Tester


 Writes a blog

 Reads a blog

 Motivates others to write a blog

 Motivates others to read testing blogs

 He / she blogs because he / she cares for his / her learning!


 Attends conference

 Participates in meet-ups

 Participates in Workshops

 Debates on Twitter and social media


 Hands-on testing consistently

 Helps others practice testing

 Practices testing with other testers on Weekend Testing

 Never loses interest in practicing


 Reading Books

  Lessons learned in software testing

  Testing computer software

  General systems thinking

  Lateral thinking by Edward De Bono

  The Secrets of Buccaneer Scholar

 Spends money on testing workshops

  Exploratory Testing

  Rapid Software Testing

  And more...

 Reads technical books on testing

 Reads programming books

Lives Testing

 Finds spelling mistakes in banners

 Applies thinking skills in real life

 Dreams testing exercises

Thinking Skills





 Decision Making

 Logical Argument


 Means-Ends Analysis (MEA)


 How do you know what you know?

Testing Magazines

 Reads TestingCircus Magazine

 Reads Tea Time With Testers Magazine

Participates in Conferences



 Nordic Testing Days

 Lets Test

 Copenhagen Context

 And more...