How to create a mind map

Forget about the tool while starting

 Don't start with the tool unless experienced

 Practice, practice, practice



   Simple to start with


   Good and robust


   Online tool by Gojko Adzic


   Online mind mapping collaboration

  Even a paper and pen might help

There are no defined rules

 What suits you is the best rule to follow

 Start with any known topic for your first map. Ex: Planning for a 3-day trip

Keep adding nodes

 Do not think about categorization

 Follow your mind

 Keep jotting every thought

 Do not have a filter for your thoughts

Know the basics of the tool used

 How to - move - insert - add a child node - delete - export to other formats

  Insert key

  Enter key

  Right click

  Click and move

  Delete key

Keep fine tuning task at the end

 Group similar nodes

 Adding colors

 Adding icons

 Changing themes


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  Better Testing Blog

  Test Insane Mind maps