Do not stall. Install these test ideas right away ;)


 Microsoft installer package

 Other Check for genuineness Contact author if essential and if required to report an issue


 Contact information Read reports of incidents reported earlier or in a previous version Fixes made available in the current version Software can be downloaded, installed and un-installed remotely by a privileged / authorized user only


 Run / Run as administrator


  From command prompt

 Cancel installation - Check if the files are created in the install location

 Delete supporting files from the installed folder and perform tests on the installed software. Record and report errors

 Add / delete files from the installed folder to test changes to the software installed Check for read, write and execute permission to the files in the installed folder

 Check if all files required for the software to function is available post installation

 Install, un-install and re-install the software to check if the files are added / removed accordingly and no traces of files / folders are available post an un-install Install the software on various devices on different Operating systems with various different privileges Test that an expired license cannot be muted for re-use Test by changing system date and time for licensing and install software to systems remotely and directly on an authorized and un-authorized system Test to install and guide the user to install a software by reading out from the installation guide Install the software on the same machine to a different location/ Install the software on the same machine by providing a different folder name Check if the software can be installed to a different location / different drive than the default location pointed

 Regedit Check the registry for an entry post installation Check the path, version, product name, description, vendor, and default value set

Installation Guide

 Check for the correctness of new features added, fixes provided and update version - across the manual Available in different languages with instructions to download, install, setup, trouble shoot and un-install

Download and Installables

 Genuine software Virus free

Localization and Internationalization

 Available and accessible by all it's users across nations Ease of access Modes of access Genuine and piracy free


 Who can download and install? Who can execute the installed software? Define read, write, execute permissions to users on your network Block / revoke access to users no longer in your network / enterprise

Control Panel

 Tests in Control Panel Installed software features in the programs and features Can be un-installed Updates are available and can be installed by a privileged user


 Enable logging to check the ip addresses on which a software is installed Number of executable requests sent Logs for successful installation and errors in installation and un-installation are available


 Timely audit the systems in your network Check the logs for suspicious and unauthorized installations Record and report any malware's installed Maintain strict guidelines to keep a check on piracy Enforce use of genuine softwares


 Record the number of licenses available and distributed Alert the users on an expired license Renew and check the validity of a license Validate the license key for authenticity and the installer for authorization

File Tranfers

 Block the transfer of executables via Emails Block the transfer of suspicious and unauthorized files over the Firewall Check the incoming files and file size as the .exe can be masked to any other extension to gain an entry into a firewall protected system


 The number of installations made per IP address / person / day Number of requests raised for software installations without a valid business reason


 Not always a threat Base the request made to install a freeware on usability Authorize and provide guidelines to use freewares Report any incident to the IT Infrastructure team if there is one when using a freeware


 Check the performance of installation from command prompt Versus installed from .exe Versus remote installation over different internet connection speed GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wifi and others

 Study the performance on different devices and operating systems


 Unauthorized users do not have download and install permission Password protected files can be executed only by authorized users Software can be downloaded, installed and un-installed remotely by a privileged / authorized user Any breach is reported to the concerned person / team Guidelines to install and un-install are made available only to the authorized users Information relating to software maintenance is made available and is addressed only to the authorized users and is done timely Any changes to the files and permissions to the installed folder is reported to the concerned team

 Check that the package / seal is not broken when the software is purchased Beware of license thefts Beware of cheap imitations luring naive customers to download /buy a software from an unauthorized online / offline buyer Click on links in emails only after thorough investigation Restrict auto-execution of executables wherever required


 Installed software functions as claimed

 Compatibility claims Works with Version X of Software B tests

 Product, Vendor, Explicit and Implicit Claims

 Report any discrepancy from the claims made


 Spell and grammar check Check for valid success and error messages Length / size /color / font of the message box / alerts Re-direct the user to the software site for re-download / re-install in case of any errors encountered during installation of a freeware


 Remember to test these ideas on different mobile devices, versions and Operating Systems

Sharing Violation

 Report errors related to sharing and execution of .exe Report violation incurred by distributing the software


 1) Perform tab testing 2) Perform tests on Icons made available post installation Test the Icon for: Size, availability, Claims made, appearance when pinned to start menu, Icon on desktop 3) Responsiveness Response to keyboard, mouse click, speech 4) Tool testing Install and perform installation tests using assistive tools to enhance your learning experience 5) Notifications Expiration Update available