Laws for The Web

Make the web accessible and Usable

Manuals and Guidelines

Read and review the manuals and guidelines

 Terms of service

 Privacy notice

 Service agreements

 Terms and conditions

 Community guidelines

 General restrictions

 Country / Region specific bans

Why Make The Web Accessible?

Why not?

 To make Internet usable and accessed by all and on many devices

 To abide by the RTI - Right To Information

 To avoid expensive lawsuit

Legal notice

If under the radar

 Seek legal council and remedy

Testing Tips

 Test extensively for accessibility and usability

 Dedicated team of a few testers to test the legalities of the application.

 Frequency of testing - Every release

 Test for content / data Base the tests on specific restrictions and for the regions applicable

 Check, subscribe and update to the latest and revised compliances

 Build and develop in-house tools to test stand alone and web applications

Browser Add-ons and Tools

 Wave Toolbar

 Accessibility Developer Tools

 Web Developer (Firefox Extension)


 JIm Thatcher’s Favelets

 Jon Gunderson’s Accessibility Evaluator

 Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar

 Web Accessibility Toolbar


 Section 508


  Alternate text for -Web page elements -Multimedia -Text embedded in video which is not read by the screen readers Colors used and readability with no color Readable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) without assisted style sheet Client side Image maps Row and column headers for data table Frames - labelled right Row and column span are labelled aptly Avoid flickering images - with a frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. Drop down menus are accessible by both mouse and keyboard Link to download Applets and Plugins Alert users about the timeout and timed responses.

 WCAG conformance