Logging off

 Windows Exit

  Fire up the page again to check if the user is logged in

 Click on Signout

 Clear browser cache

 Biometric identification to log off Finger print Retina recognition (Lens and spectacle support) Face recognition In the presence of a security personnel

 Shutting down the system in use

 Power outage Loss of internet connection Unplugging the LAN, dongle in use Switch off the Wi-fi Loss of battery power Refresh post the outage to check - if the user is logged into the account or - is signed out


 Ease of use Placement of the Logout option Positioning of the Logout option Abides by Section 508 Perform tests using WAVE Tool Font, color, size, readability of the Logout option / button


 Check for the performance at different: Internet connection speeds over GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-fi and others

Multiple accounts

 Single Sign off Log-off from all logged in services of the application Remote logging out option for single / multiple accounts Log out V/s logout permanently


 Check the logs: - For login and logout activities - By an authorized person / admin sign off - For suspicious login activity - Provide option to log off remotely by an authorized personnel in case of any suspicious activity

Secure logout page (HTTPS)

 Is the log-out page encrypted Is the security certificate - genuine - active - expired - is as claimed Learn about the security certificate provider

View source code

 check for gaps/leaks in functionality, usability, user experience, security, seo

Suggestion for testing

 Extract the error messages from source code - Quick test

 Appropriate Alt text for images


 Look out for Copyright information on the Log-out / landing page

 Look for Contact, About us and report an issue section


 Language: Localized help for log-out

 Availability of Translation option

Browser based Tests

 Click on the back button post logging off

 Test on: Different devices Operating systems and Different browser versions Install supported browser add-ons to perform specific tests related to - Login - Save browser - Save Password - Logout