Mobile Testing Ready Reckoner

Tests I

 Install App on SD Card

 App Upgrade

 Claims Testing

 App Permissions

 Device Administrators

 Launch App from Notifications

 Review Feedback on Store

 Performance Indicators

Tests II

 Splash Screen

 Landing Screen

 Uninstall using Google Play

 Wi-Fi and VPN

 Lock Screen

 Blocking Mode

 Voice Dictation

 Low Battery

 The Hidden Slider

Tests III

 Dual SIM


 Power Saving

 One handed operation


 Font Size


 Show Layout Boundaries

Tests IV

 Backup and Restore

 Date Format

 Time Zone


 Encrypt Device or SD card

 Fake GPS with Mock Locations

 Do not keep Activities

 About Device

Tests V

 Logs can speak

 Crash Reports

 Error Messages

 Network Interruptions

 Home button vs Back button

 QWERTY Keypad

 Longer Operations

 Resource Constraint

 Low Disk Space

Tests VI

 Resumable Downloads

 Clear App Data

 Kill Background Process

 Other App Interactions

 OS Upgrade

 Rooted Device

 Voice Search