My Learning in first 3 months




  Bug Magnet

  Hola VPN


GreaseMonkey is an add-on that enables to add custom scripts to a web page. Supposing if


   Cookie Manager+



   Tamper Data

   Tamper Chrome



Used for Encryption and Decryption.

  API Testing


   DHC-Rest /HTTP API Clients

   Restfull Stress

  Information Gathering



  Accessibility Testing

   Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar


  Compatibility Testing

   Responsive Web Design Tester

   Google Device Mode

   User Agent Switcher

  Bug Reporting


   Snagit (Screen capture and ScreenCasting)




A proxy useful for API Testing, save and reload traffic, check for presence of server side validation in an application and it captures http/https traffic.

   Charles Proxy

Not open source need to pay some money

   Burp Suite


Network analyser used to monitor the network packets sent through a particular network interface. Request can't be sent from wireshark. Wireshark captures all kinds of traffic TCP/IP and HTTP on top.


  Join ME

  Instant eye dropper


 Mindmap Creation



 Data Generator

  PDA Tools


 TOR Browser

Supports Onion routing technology. Used to access the dark web.




   SDK Tools

    Platform Tools

     ADB Tools

Acts as a bridge between the device and system. Can be used to access the shell of the device and provides bunch of useful commands like bugreport, logcat etc.



For stress testing by simulating various gestures in a emulator or device connected via ADB.



Emulator can be created with different Android version and different screen size






Used to give details about the UI elements of the application, it will be useful for automation and bug reporting.



A screen mirroring for IOS, Android and windows phone.

   SQLLite Browser Viewer

Used to view the database files generated by a particular app.


   X-Code tools

    IOS Instruments


      Time Profiling

Tells which part of code runs most often, it is useful for code optimization.


Shows heap memory usage of an App. With a graph showing the growth of memory.


Used to find memory leaks in the app that is object with no reference.


Automation can be used to perform UIAutomation on real devices by writing test scripts and it provides log information after the script is run.

      Activity Monitor

We can monitor the network usage and memory usage of each process



Used to get crash report, screen casting


   Mirroring 360

This tool mirros the device screen when both the device and computer are connected to the same wifi network.




   Packet capture

   HTTP Responder


   Alternate ways to download Apps from play store


    Subtopic 4


   Terminal IDE


   UI catalog

It is just like a catalog for all the UI elements. Present in the

 Smartface app studio




   Coding Guidelines

   Constructing Dataprovider




   Constructing X-PATH

   Setting up the selenium grid infrastructure and running the script on multiple nodes.

   To capture interactions outside browser


Used to create script to capture windows interactions. Will be useful while automation of Fileupload feature.

Mobile Devices

 Sensors present

  Proximity Sensor

Used to detect if an object is present near.

  Ambient Light Sensor

  Magnetic Sensor


  Gravity Sensor

 About different kinds of network

 Difference between Emulator and Simulator

 Architecture of the OS

 UI Elements of Android

 UI Elements of IOS

 Different types of Android version

 App store submission guidelines

 Android Bytecode representation

Web Technology

 Request & Response headers

  Request Headers

   Request Method

   User Agent

Provides information about browser name and version we are using.

   Accept Encoding


Used to send the cookie stored in our browser for the particular domain.

  Response Headers

   Status code


Used to specify whether the response should be cached or not.


The browser did how to render the content based on the content type response sent.


Indicated the size of the header



If this header is set the user need to authenicate to view the response content.


 RESTFUL Services HTTP Method calls


Send data to the server.


Used to retrieve content from the server.


Used to update or replace existing content in the server.


Used to delete the content in the server.


Provides the methods that can be applied to a particular API

 HTTP Security Header


The browser will sanitize the malicious data if it is set ( x-xss-protection :1 mode =block) supported in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Allows to specify the script source, plugin type and content source the site needs to use, it enforces more security.


Allows the browser to communicate to the server only via secure connection HTTPS request and response. Used to prevent man in the middle attack.


Allows to specify which website can access resources.



  Cookie Options


Does not enable other domains to use the cookie.


Browser transport this cookie only via secure connection.


If this flag is set the cookie cannot be accessed by client side script, so it is used to prevent XSS attack.

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