Science Behind Search


 Simple Advanced Fuzzy Keywords -containing -not containing Google dorks Online Offline


 Results - accurate Results per page Save search results Retrieve search results

 Navigation to results page -On web -On mobile


 Options to: Log user activity Bookmark Share Save Erase search results

No results

 No results message The page / product you are looking for is -removed -redirected -unavailable User friendly messages Redirected link Auto re-direct


 Title of the page, Description of a web page, and Meta Keywords are -Relevant wrt Content -Fetching accurate results Links to pages are from trusted sources Relevant anchor texts

Test the Search Algorithm

 Fetches results from among other listed / indexed items




  Add Retrieve

Specific Searches

 Data / content

  Complete Relevant References / Citations


  Contains all image attributes -Title -Caption -Alternate text -Description

 Links / pdfs

 Place these correctly Links, categories, keywords, fields


 Avoid redundancy

 All pages are titled aptly

 Beware when posting links on/using -Javascript -Flash -Frames

 Index and re-index if needed

 Use sitemaps

 Cache relevant and right information for re-use

 Educate users about green requests and performance

Issues & Resolutions

 Indexing: Bots taking longer time to index Dynamic pages -Use of static pages with links to every other page in the site. -Use of both static / HTML version and XML version site maps.

 Navigation -Links to every other page in the web site Helps search engine spiders to crawl and find every page.

 Keywords -Just the relevant keywords -Avoid irrelevant keywords

 Optimized URL -Inclusion of relevant keywords in the URL


 Higher page ranking


 Increased customer inflow

Secure Search

 Drive the search based on Data Context Relevance Authorization / Roles

Tips for secure search

 Enable / disable auto suggestion based on Context Authorize users with right roles to access saved search results Train the users to browse cautiously

Aesthetics of search

 Placement Positioning Length, Breadth, Height, Width of search field, search button Number of occurrence of the search field Enable / disable Auto focus Auto complete Auto suggestion based on the context Display / Visibility / Ability to Distinguish