Secret ingredients for Web Test Design


 Attach all the documents related to epic to this node to have all documents in one place for easy reference

Objective / Purpose

 This node captures the purpose / objective





  under test

( Epic , Feature, Regression , Defects)

User Roles

 List of users who would use or impacted

Questions / Doubts

 List of questions and doubts to discuss with BA/PO/DEV

Test data

 Contains the test data to test this epic

System Dependencies

User Story based tests

 List of functions to test

Error messages

 List of error messages coded, get from devs and perform tests to get them all in the screen

Page content

 What else should or shouldn't be present other than the focused feature in the page




 No recommender block

Missing Elements??

 Have this node always, stare at this and keep asking what is missing? :-)

Business Rules

 List of business rules to check


White Box Analysis

 Explore front end JS



 Tamper Data

 Resolution Test


 Extended Status bar

 Pairwise testing

Non Functional Tests




 Front end Performance

UI Consistency




 Font Size

 Static Content

 UI Elements

  Drop down




  External Links open in New Tab

 Spell and Grammar Check

 Naming Conventions

Mnemonic / Heuristic Coverage



 Little Black book on test design

 Test Heuristic Cheat sheet




There is no secret ingredient, it's just you - Kung Fu Panda