Section 508 Checklist


 ALT text



  No Redundancy

  Null for designer images

 ALT Text should describe the associated function

 Complex images should be accompanied by equivalent text

 Client-side Image maps

  Alt Text for image

  Alt Text for hot-spot area

 Consistent meaning

 Equivalent text for image text

Non-Text Element

 ALT Text




 Synchronized Caption


 Visual & Live Audio

  Synchronized Captions

 Visual Only

  Audio Description


 Navigation Skip links should be provided


 Label should be associated with <input>, <textarea>, and <select> or Descriptive Titles

 Support to Assistive Technology

 Direction & cues should be provided


 No Color dependency

 Sufficient Contrast


  with/without CSS

 No element on the page flashes at a rate of 2 to 55 cycles per second

 Skipping option for list of lengthy links

 Good heading structure

 Color & Contrast setting (if provided)

  Provide variety

 Option of choosing non animated version (if animation is provided)

 Totally functional by keyboard

 should not override/disable OS features/settings

 set focus should be visible

 State of the component should be available to user always

 Don't override user selected display settings




 Text only version

  should be provided only if there is no other way to convey the option

  Should be updated regularly with main site

 Support to Assistive Technology

 Downloadable link to be provided for third-party plugins

  must be accessible with assistive technology


 Data Tables

  Row & Columns should be identifiable Use <th> elemnt

  Table cells should be associated with appropriate headers Use scope or id/headers attributes

 Layout Tables

  Don't use <th> element


 Contextual Titles

Time based content

 User controlled