Smart Mission Focussed Web Testing With Add-ons/Tools


 Web Securify

  SQL Injection

  XSS - Cross Site Scripting

  Carriage Return Linefeed


  Directory Listing Attack

  E-mail Disclosure Attack

  SQL Error

  File Upload Attack

  IP Disclosure

  Session Cookie Attack - Not Secure

  HTTOOnly and Secure flag checks for cookie

  Banner Disclosure

  And many more tests!

 Tamper Data

  Server Side Validation Tests

  Cookie Values Tampering / Modification

  Performance analysis with requests and response

  Replaying specific HTTP request

  Modify HTTP requests and headers

 Edit This Cookie

  Switch / swap cookie values

  View all the cookies at one single page with information

  Delete specific cookies


  XSS attacks

  SQL Injection attacks

  Hex Encoding / Decoding

  Encryption / Decryption

   ROT 13




Usability & Accessibility

 WCAG Toolbar

 Web Developer addon

  Image details extraction

  Extract page hex color values

  Cookie specific tests

  Cache tests

  View response headers

  Small screen rendering

  Window re-sizer

  And many other tests!

Addon Downloads

 Chrome -

 Firefox -


 Regular Expression Tester

 JS Coverage

Information Gathering

 W3Techs Addon

 Fiddler - Web Debugger

 Character Identifier addon

Screenshot capture








  And other features! [Recommended]

 Aviary screen capture




  Record and playback - Quick and easy!


  Reload the page automatically

  Customized refresh delay

  HTTP requests submission in loop

  Combinatorial Tests Generator


 Resolution Test

  Standard screen size tests

  Customized screen size tests

  Kind of bugs tester can find

   Subtopic 1


 extended status bar

  Page Load Time

  Page Size

 Pagespeed Insights

  Can run only on production sites

  Low / Medium / High issues reporting


  Suggestions to improve performance

  Statistics about the webpage

Test Data


 Form Filler

 Lorem Ipsum Generator