How am I Practicing to Test better?

Bug Reporting

 Bug reporting skill

 Error free bug report

  Spelling mistakes

  Grammar mistakes


  File naming convention

  Mentioning of Time & Date

Focus on each minute things

 Error messages

 Spelling mistakes in error messages

 Punctuation in error messages



Attend Workshops

 Testing meet-ups

 Testing conferences

 Weekend Testing

Start writing

 Write article on testing

 Write blog on testing

 Tweet on Twitter

Start reading

 Lessons Learned in Software Testing

 Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar - By James Bach

Share & Learn

 Share your knowledge

 Share your learning with friends / colleagues etc.

 Always be open to suggestions

 Ask questions

 Clarify doubts

 Discuss about what you have learned


 Learn from Web

 Learn from colleague

 Learn from friends

 Learn from books

 Learn from community

Upgrading skills

 Learn coding

 Improve typing speed

 Learn tools

 Learn automation


 Practice continuously




 Reporting bugs