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'Enter your email address' field


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Check for DOS/DDOS

 Check if there is a limit on Subscriptions/day/hour Check if the subscriptions exclude/include the set limit


 Already Subscribed

 Link is expired

  If failed to confirm subscription the link should rot.

 Subscription is successful

 Check the inbox/spam folder for confirming subscription

 Error messages - In case of loss of internet connectivity - A link rot - Page not found - Under construction

Design factors


 Ease of use

 Secure Subscription page

Test this

 Subscribe Resubscribe immediately after clicking on Subscribe - Look for an error message Post Subscribe and resubscribe check the inbox/spam folder of the registered email for -the email itself -the delay -the interval

Design Checks

 a) Internet absolute path of the Subscribe link in the email b) Internet relative path c) Tiny URL d) An option/link to Subscribe from the users account settings page

 Clickable link in the email

  Upon clicking this click - redirects to

   Subscribe: One click Subscription

   1) Type in the email id upon landing in the Subscribe page in the designated field 1a) If the designated field is auto-filled, check if the field is edit-able. 1b) Secure the page by asking the user to fill specific details along with the mandatory email address 1c) If Subscription is successful instantly - display 'Subscription Confirmed' 2) Display the time preferably in hours for this request to be fulfilled 3) If already subscribed, check for 'You have already subscribed to our mailing list' 3a) Would you recommend this news letter to your friends/family 4) If more than one newsletter is linked Check if there are options to select/de-select the newsletter/s

   1) Generate an instant reply with the waiting time mentioned post Subscription request is sent and received 2) Email acknowledgement upon adding to the mailing list 3) Provide link to Un-subscribe with the acknowledgement email 4) Provide options to select the format of the newsletter - HTML/Text 5) Validate and test for functionality, accessibility,ease of use and security.

 Check: - Relevant page title - Information on the web page - Information in the email received - If sensitive information is leaked in the e-mail received

 a) Immediately after You have Subscribed successfully. b) Click on Un-subscribe c) Check the behaviour


  Is it required?

  If present, is the captcha accessible to all your users?

 Multiple Services

  Provide a list to chose from to Subscribe if there are more than 1 services to be subscribed for

  Check for: Multiple links to Subscribe in the single email Multiple pages for Subscription

 Subscribe confirmation link generated/provided expires after first use

 Upon clicking Subscribe confirmation link check for 1) An email notification is generated. 2) Check if there are more than one email notifications generated. 3) The email notification generated post confirming contains a link/button to un-subscribe 4) Provides the email address from which the subscribe request was sent