How to Test Text Fields

Types of text fields

 Name text field

  Only alphabets

 Number text field

  Only Numbers

   Credit card

   Debit card

 Alphanumeric text filed

  ZIP code

 E-mail text field

  Only valid email addresses

 Address text field


  Special characters (#, /, -)

 Simple text box




  Special characters

  Any text

 Mandatory fields (*)

Tools used to test

 Chrome add-on

  Bug magnet

 Blind text generator

 Browsers Add-on

  Mozilla Firefox

   Developer tools add-on

    Forms option

  Google Chrome

   Developer tools add-on

    Forms option

Common test ideas

 Boundary value

  Maximum length

  Minimum length

 What characters it allows?


   Decimal numbers

   Formatted number


   Capital letters

   Small letters

   Capital and small letters


  Any character?

  Special characters?

  HTML tags allowed?


  Java script allowed?

 Copy / Paste allowed?

 Drag and Drop allowed?

 Cursor displaying while typing?

 Spaces allowed?

  Leading spaces

  Trailing spaces

  Only spaces

Where text fields are used

 Web applications

  Registration form

  Login form

  Contact form

 Desktop applications



 Mobile applications

  Text messages




 PDF forms

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