Deactivate Account

Alert message to confirm deactivation?

Prompt to enter password? (AUTHenticate)

Prompt to enter some confirmation text?

Provide information about "deactivate" meaning?

Irreversible action?

Will I lose the data?

Can I re-register using same details later?

To activate, I need to call customer support?

I did not deactivate, but hacker! Data retention policy?

Is deactivating same as delete for this app?

Confirmation e-mail after deactivating?

Can people visit my profile if deactivated?

Past activity data purged?

Can someone else deactivate others account? Vulnerabilities in Authorization (POST req. Tamper)

E-mail confirmation after deactivation?


 Are we using the feedback of deactivated users & taking actions?

 Are we collecting the data (reasons) for deactivation?

 Why would our users want to disable the account?

 Why would they want to re-activate?

 Why will our users deactivate?