Tips to win contests


 Know the test environment

 Test on the right environment

 Base state of the test environment

 Beware of addons and third party applications

 Use the test environment to your advantage

Bug Reporting

 Mention all necessary details for your bug report

 Mention the special settings on your machine

 Highlight the bug's impact on the customer

 Let your bug summary attract attention

 Assign the right severity

 Make use of one-liner bug reports

 Concentrate less on bug reports during the last phase of contest


 Have your screen capture and video recorders ready

 Make use of browser addons and developer tools

 Test data generators, Perlclip and Hexawise save a lot of testing time

 Use fake credit cards to test payment features in sandbox

 Use Dropbox to save your files on web and across computers


 Contact the other stakeholders

 Chat with the live support team

 Interact with other testers and users

 Talk to the contest owner

Comment on other bugs

 Appreciate good bugs

 Identify duplicate bugs

Social Networks

 Learn from actual customer issues

 Know the user scenarios

 Use the power of Google

After the contest

 Understand the test ideas

 Contact other testers

 Thank the organizers

 Provide overall feedback

 Make notes from the contest

General traps to avoid

 Testing on the wrong version or environment

 Testing out-of-scope features

 Assuming and not questioning

Other information sources

 Use cheat sheets

 Read testing books, blogs and websites

 Use information from similar products

 Use mnemonics


 Start early

 Schedule your testing sessions

 Know the time zone of the deadline

 Do not miss regular updates from the contest owners


 Read all documents related to the product

 Concentrate on few sections only if the document is huge

 Pay special attention to release notes and bug fixes

 Use a light weight note taking tool like Rapid Reporter

Learn from other bugs

 Are you missing out on any quality criterion

 Know which features have been already tested by other testers

 Can you learn any new techniques from this contest?

 Build on bugs logged by other testers

Tests and test planning

 Understand what is expected from the testers

 Take advantage of your skillset when there is a choice

 Test the features which no other tester has tested

 Think like a user and test for few scenarios

 Focus on quick tests to find bugs quickly

 Avoid testing with default user credentials