Let not your learning halt due to language constraint


 Language skills -Grammar -Know-how about the context of the usage of words Reading skills


 Google Translate

 Google Search

 Online / Offline Language discussion forums


 Fluent native language contributors An In-house guru to help translate at a faster pace A mentor to guide the translator and A review team to review the translations


 Boost your language skills Build your vocabulary Learn about Internationalization -> translations Learn the technical aspects of the project you are involved in Learn to translate apps in non-native tongue to learn a new language


 Help the open source community Help teams across the globe in development process

 Create unbiased learning opportunities to many

 Help others translate software apps

 Help the differently abled to access the software: -Translate audio / video to transcripts


 Read language specific guidelines

 Help prepare guidelines as you translate Guide the users with the usage of the translated apps

 Post your queries to the forums Keep the guideline updated with -Copyright -The usage and distribution policy


 Joy of giving and learning