UI Design Aspects - iOS

App Anatomy




 Toolbar button

 Map View


 Segmented Control

Starting & Stopping

 Things to avoid?


  No restart after install.

  Disclaimer / EULA. Do it in AppStore

  No close / quit button

 Set up user preferences from other sources

 Adress the memory issues

 Launch orientation?

 Launch file or image / splash screen




  Content- or experience-driven

Modal Contexts


 Model View

 Share Screen

 User preferences for receiving notifications?

Interactivity and Feedback

 Standard Gestures






  Double Tap


  Touch and Hold

 Things to avoid?

  Do not define custom gestures unless the app is game

  Complex or Multi Gestures

  Standard gestures


 User eXperience needs to be engaging

 Visualize the action?

 Use minimal animations, because it may affect app performance

 Is your animation successful in communicating things to the users?


 Delightful UI

 Elegant & Neat

 Memorable Experience

 Unique look and feel

Color and Typography

 Intuitive colors?

 Color Blindness Users?

 Colors irritating users?

 Users distraction?

 Usage of colors to communicate?

 Representing active and non-active elements?

 Consistency in font style usage?

 Font size responsiveness for different screen resolutions?

Icons and Graphics

  App Icon

  Is your icon beautiful and unique?

  Does your icon make the user feel that he / she needs to tap on it? (Addiction Heuristic)

  Quality parameters





  No resolution loss on different resolution size screens

 Launch Images

 Bar Button Icons

  Tool bar

  Navigation Bar

 Newsstand Icons

 Web Clip Icons

 Creating Resizable Images

Terminology and Wording

 Words used are understandable by your users?

 Be friendly with your messages / instructions Let users feel human is communicating with them.

 Keep a watch on usage of unnecessary words & cut them off.

 Use good metaphors or else associate short label names with the icons used.

 Language errors

  Spell check

  Grammar errors

  Punctuation errors

  Did you catch any of this in one of the node?