Website Testing Part 1

Functionality Testing

 Links / URL


 Web Forms


  Select dropdowns

  Auto select dropdowns

  Multiple selections

  Single selection

 Radio buttons

 Check boxes

 Text boxes

  Max length

  Html tags allowed?

Validate HTML & CSS

 W3C CSS validator

URL / Links Testing

 Broken links

 Redirected links

 Internal links

  Opens on the current page?

 External links

  Opens in new window / new tab?

 E-mail links



  Forgot password links

   Expiration of forgot password link

  Confirm E-mail links

   Expiration of confirmation link

 Proper error message handling

 Social Media links

  Opens in new tab / window?

  Opens on the current page?

Forms Testing

 Enquiry form

  Input fields consistency

  Mandatory fields

  Functionality of "Submit" button

  CAPTCHA if used

   Typing captcha

   Check box captcha

   Image captcha

  Check box

  Drop downs

  Fields validations

   Server side validation

   Client side validation

 Contact form

  Text fields

   Max length check

   Special characters allowed?

   Html tags allowed?

   Numbers allowed?

  Mandatory fields

   Server side validation

   Client side validation

  Phone number fields

   Max length check

   Format of the phone number

   Country code needed?

   Alphabets allowed?

   Special characters allowed?

   Is it mandatory field?

   Is our phone number secured?

Database Testing

 Data processing

 Database security

 Data storage

 Data leakage

Performance Testing




  Different devices

  Different screen size



   Web Page Test





Usability Testing


  Load time





  Font colors


 Text to Speech

 Alt tags for images

Compatibility Testing

 Browsers & Versions

  Google Chrome

  Mozilla Firefox



  Internet Explorer

 Operating Systems & Versions



   Windows Vista

   Windows 7

   Windows 8 / 8.1




   Mountain Lion



 Different Screen Resolutions









 Different Networks

  2G / 3G / 4G



 Different Devices (Responsive)


  Android Smart Phones


  iPad / iPad Mini

  Windows phones

Web Security Testing


 SQL Injection

 Cross Site SCripting (XSS)


 URL manipulation

 Client side validations

 Server side validations