iOS App Testing

Device Settings

 App auto update settings

 Account registered for App

 Non-English language settings

 Time Zone settings





Device OS

 iOS versioning

  Below iOS8

  iOS8 and above


  App closes in time

  App state preserved on next launch

 Future upgrades

  App settings preserved

   user credentials

   push notifications

  Upgrade path from current version works

 Memory Warnings

  crash logs

Data connectivity

 on Wifi

 on 3G networks

 on 2G or low speed networks

 Airplane mode / No connectivity

App UI

 Smooth animations


 Half Pixels

 Retina Display

 Non-Retina Display

 Portrait view screen

 Landscape view screen

 Pull to refresh bar

 Error messages

In App settings

App Funtionality









 Welcome Screen after login/Signup

 Other App specific features

Misc device functions

 Background music

 On Call

 Location based services