Usability Testing - What all matters?

Usability Testing - What all matters?

Usability testing is known as cake-walk, but that isn't true. Is it easy or challenging is a perspective based on individual's knowledge and how much depth has to be covered in order to meet the purpose of usability testing. and Nielsen Norman group helped Santhosh Tuppad to frame a mind-map and it still looks like a basic version. There is so much to study and he is going to learn deeper and share the mind-map based on his learning. You can use this mind-map to do a kick-start learning about usability testing and explore more deeper on and Nielsen Norman group. Well, there are many other sources which you can refer to research and then develop a better mindmap and share with testing community.
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  1. hiteshjoshi23    one year ago

    Thankyou for wonderful mindmaps

  2. sathya    10 months ago

    The blog is very informative and useful to read about the usability testing . Thank you for sharing the blog with us.

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