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User eXperience Design - Software Testing

UX is Collective Genius In a typical project, some of us would blindly assume that UX is designer or creative head's responsibility. In reality, UX is not about solo genius. UX is about collective genius. One needs to think of users and their experiences while doing feasibility study, developers have to empathize with users while developing technical design, designers have to study if users would use this product and be happy about it, testers have to consider testing for specific pain points in the product that might drive users away and implementation/maintenance teams have to hold the customer to high standards while customizing the product for them. In short, each and every team member contributes to UX in his/her own way, based on the understanding they have, of the product and the users. In that sense, UX is everyone's responsibility. What's your view on UX?
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Parimala Hariprasad

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Parimala Hariprasad spent her youth studying people and philosophy, and in the workplace she applied her learnings to helping create skilled testers. Parimala has been a tester for more than twelve years in domains of CRM, security, e-commerce, and healthcare. Her expertise lies in test coaching, test delivery excellence, and creating great teams that ultimately fire her because they become self-sufficient. Parimala has experienced the transition from web to mobile and emphasizes the need for design thinking. She frequently rants on her blog Curious Tester, tweets as @CuriousTester, and is on LinkedIn. Parimala currently serves as a Senior UX Architect at Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt. Ltd

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