Website Testing Basics - Part 1

Website Testing Basics - Part 1

Website testing has its own challenges in terms of testing like a tester and not just using it like a user or minimal functions testing. Its important to achieve the better test coverage to help improve the quality of a software when developers fix the bugs you reported. This mindmap is a kick-starter for your testing.
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Sandeep Hiremath

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I am graduate in Computer Applications. I started my career as a Technical Support Executive. I found my interest in Testing Software. Testing is not just a job for me, its my Passion. My other fields of interest are Travelling and Gaming.

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  1. nagadeepnh    6 years ago

    thankQ sandeep its easy way to understand for starters

  2. SInsaneSandy    6 years ago

    @Nagadeepnh Thank you for your comment and for supporting.

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