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Test Insane Apps

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World's first mindmaps repository for software testing across various topics like web application testing, mobile app testing and others. This is an open source contribution where visitors can download mind-map source as well and use it in their project or work. Click Here to visit the repository!


The software visits the user provided URL's and extracts the comments and writes the summary to a file. Among the extracted comments it will also search for user provided keywords (like password, pswd, author etc.) and writes those lines containing them to a file. This is useful when we want to test if any sensitive information is part of the comments. Manually visiting every page and... Learn More

RestFul TEST

If you were testing a web application and you see 500 Internal Server Error with some other details and then you report it to the developer, and then the developer reverts to you saying, it is working fine now and he / she is not able to reproduce it. Then, you refresh the 500 Internal Server Error Page, unfortunately or fortunately it works! Now, you keep on trying for many hours to see that message, but you don't! This was... Learn more